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This Publishing section of the Story Works site chronicles my involvement with such cult publications as Starburst, Doctor Who Magazine and 2000AD as well as looking at the books I've authored over the years.

Magazines: My involvement in publishing began with House of Hammer, a comic/magazine hybrid devoted to the famous horror film studios of the 1960s & 1970s. From there I went on to work on Starburst magazine and Doctor Who Monthly.
Books: After leaving Marvel Comics, I authored my first book, The Harrison Ford Story. Since then I've also written books on movie special effects and drawing comic strips.
Picture Research: Around the same time, I was supplying movie stills to publishers of film books from my own collection.
Comic Strips: In the late 1980s I began selling comic scripts to 2000AD, then joined the editorial staff as a contributing editor, finally becoming editor in 1993.

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