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The idea of writing a book on Harrison Ford had come up during 1984. It was evident that Ford's star was in the ascendant. The readers of Starburst magazine were making it plain that he was their kind of guy and his performance in Blade Runner marked him as more than just another action star.
A year earlier, Tony Crawley had written a very comprehensive three-part feature on the work of Steven Spielberg for Starburst. The series had been very well received and I'd suggested to Tony that he should think about expanding it to book length and finding a publisher. Tony found Maxim Jacobowsky, the publisher of Zomba Books, and the book duly saw print as The Steven Spielberg Story (1983).
Maxim was very pleased with the sales of the book and chanced to ask me if I had any ideas for another unauthorised biography. I mentioned Harrison Ford and suddenly I had a contract to write a book.