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One of the first big jobs I did in 1985 was to update The Harrison Ford Story. At the request of Maxim Jacobowsky of Zomba Books I wrote a lengthy chapter on Harrison Ford's work in the second Indiana Jones film, The Temple of Doom, and the book headed for a second impression.
But other than that, work was thin on the ground. I was having a spectacular lack of success interesting publishers in any further movie book ideas.
I used the same theory for book submissions that had worked throughout the Starburst years. I simply came up with ideas for books that I'd want to read myself.
Sequelmania: A book on movies that were so successul they became series.
Kung Fu Fighting: A history of Hong Kong martial arts movies.
The Great Black and White Movies: A coffee table illustrated book on the glossy style of the 1940s noir and "women's" movies.