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Mixing House Music - the Alan Mckenzie Way

House Music hit me like a runaway train in the late 1980s. I'd never been much of a clubber up until about 1987, when I was persuaded to go out clubbing a couple of times with friends. While there were some good tunes around at the time - I'm thinking of "Word Up!" by Cameo and "Let it All Blow" by Dazz Band - it was the first time I heard "Pump Up the Volume" by
M|A|R|R|S that pulled me into the House Music scene.
So, suddenly I was in London's Limelight every week, waving my arms about to the all the early House tunes like "Let's Get Brutal" by Nitro DeLuxe and "House Nation" by The HouseMaster Boyz. Acid House came and went and I bought my first pair of decks, some fairly dodgy Citronic belt-driven jobs.
By 1992 I'd upgraded to a pair of Technics and had been DJing parties for my mates in all kinds of strange places. Once we took over a railway arch in London Bridge. The locals (two of them) complained, but as it was a one-off party, they let us off with some minor grumbling.
technics arm