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The Story Works can undertake all kinds of Web Design work, from Consultancy to hands-on site construction, from brochureware to E-commerce.The Story Works can call on a collective of developers, designers and project managers to ensure clients get exactly what they need to do the job.
Based on six-years' experience at BBC Worldwide, I specialise in creating sites that are usable, accessible and that use commercially available software products that are widespread and easy to maintain.
While I'm no great fan of Microsoft's methods of business, the knowledge of how to build and maintain using their software is widespread and easily available, so if you ever needed to make alterations to your site, you're not locked into using The Story Works because of some obscure or arcane software we've used.
We also host websites on our own dedicated Windows Servers.
More recently, we've been using SharePoint technology on corporate Intranets and have amassed a whole heap of experience and know-how in that area - from optimising content for maximum effectiveness and clarity, to knowledge management and document tagging, to bespoke webpart creation. Visit our blog, TheSharePointHive, which specialises in obscure answers to tough SharePoint problems.

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