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I've been involved in comics almost all my life. From the first comic I ever saw on a newsagent's counter (House of Mystery 94, my mum wouldn't let me have a "horror comic") to the first American comic I ever bought (DC's Tales of the Unexpected 76) to the Editor's chair on 2000AD, it's been a lifelong obsession, sad puppy that I am.
Not unnaturally, this section is divided up into "Comics for Work" and "Comics for Leisure" ...

Comics for Work: Though my first brush with professional comics was on House of Hammer, I went on to edit and write comics thoughout the 1980s and 1990s.
Comics for Leisure: Reading comics, especially US comics, has always been a passion. This section catalogues my modest collection of 1960 Silver Age Marvels.
2000AD: My last professional comics work was for 2000AD, as writer, Contributing Editor and finally, Editor.