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By the beginning of 1987, I'd been writing for Richard Burton's Battle Action Force comic for a few months and Richard had just been transferred to 2000AD as deputy editor. No sooner than he'd arrived than incumbent editor Steve MacManus took a three month sabbatical leaving Richard as editor and no deputy in sight. One day in January, I'd met up with Richard for lunch to discuss a Future Shock I was scripting for 2000AD, and Richard was telling me he didn't know how he was going to manage. I volunteered to help out for a few months as Deputy Editor ("I've edited a few mags and comics in my time," I told Rich helpfully). Richard was surprised at the offer, as he'd seen me as a developing scripter, but took me up on it anyway. So, I was duly interviewed by Managing Editor Gil Page and I started immediately. Prog 515 was the first issue I worked on as Deputy Editor, arriving just in time to see the last few pages out the door.