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My first real job in publishing was as Assistant Editor on the British horror comic, House of Hammer. Fresh out of college, I was hired by Dez Skinn, later publisher of the highly-successful Comics International, as an art assistant.
However, after slicing the top of my finger off with a scalpel, I decided that my future probably didn't lie in graphic design, so with Dez's help, I switched careers and became his editorial assistant.
Under Dez's watchful eye I began to learn the craft of an editor, which included basic copy-writing skills, including helping with cover lines and, in those days, marking up copy for the hot-metal typesetters.
But, most importantly, I got my first, hands-on experience of how a comic strip is created, from the first phone call to the writer to last minute corrections to the speech balloons. I also met many creators who I would work with in later years and who would also become personal friends, including Steve and Annie Parkhouse, John Bolton and the late Brian Lewis.