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In our mammoth editorial sessions, Dez taught me the rudiments of how covers are put together. It had never occurred to me that cover lines should not only sell the magazine to the casual browser, but they should also line-break where the natural pauses would be when you read them aloud. This applies to captions and cross-headings as well.
Dez always maintained that if you could get the casual browser in the newsagent shop to open the magazine, then you were halfway to a sale. So we always tried to make the potential customer curious about what the cover line on the outside referred to on the inside of the mag.
I should also mention that we were spoiled on House of Hammer because we had the luxury of having covers painted by some of the top artists in the business. This also meant that we could ensure that appropriate "dead areas" were left where we could put cover lines as we prepared the cover for publication.