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Fun Online came as a bit of a surprise. Early in 1996, I'd been approached by Gil Page of Fleetway to write a script for a top secret project. The strip would appear in a series of pan-European editions of the same magazine. The lead character was called Zocky (!) and was a high-tech cyber-detective, who also happened to be a crocodile. Obviously, this was pitched at the younger reader.
I wrote several scripts which I assumed were simply to give the project sponsors something to pull to pieces. But history repeated itself and amazingly, the scripts I wrote were used pretty much as I had written them, with only minimal changes.
Then the project took an even stranger turn. My old 2000AD colleague, Richard Burton, contacted me to say he'd been appointed editor of a new multi-edition computer magazine - aimed at children - which would be published by a new Egmont company called Egmont Interactive. We would report to the German Egmont office, not the Danish Egmont office that Fleetway reported to . . . and would I like to be associate editor on the magazine?