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The partwork At Home with Your PC was conceived in 1997 to fill a perceived gap in the market. Partwork publishing giant IMP and Editorial agency Planet Three Network teamed up to produce a publication, distributed by mail order, that would teach novice computer users how to get the best out of their new PCs.
The project was very much Windows 95 oriented, the argument being that more people had Wintel computers and anyway, Macs don't need an instruction book.
I joined the project as an Assistant Editor just before Christmas 1997, and worked on the test version of the publication that would be sent out a selected group of IMP customers to gauge their reaction to the new project and, if necessary, allow for fine-tuning before the partwork was published for real.
We all worked feverishly until May 1998 and the test run was released to an overwhelmingly positive reaction.
The editorial staff were about to be laid off until September, when the real project would begin. My response was to suggest that what the publication needed was a web site. The directors agreed and put me to work developing an online support site.