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House of Jazz vol 1

Jazz in the House vol 1, Aug 2003
Alongside the Latin House thing, I'd been playing a lot of Jazzy House stuff over the last couple of years - you know, house beats with real instuments over the top. So a Jazz House mix was kind of inevitable. Here's the first one, lots of sax and trumpet and some pretty cool vocals. The cover image I found on the artist's own site and added to the lettering for this cover.
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That Was House vol 1

That Was House vol 1, Aug 2003
All my earliest mixes were done on cassette, so all the stuff featuring classic house tunes was both on tape, and not so well mixed. I decided to wind the clock back and go mediaeval on your ass. Here's a collection of fine vintage house blended together using the latest technology. The cover is a pastiche of a late 80s compilation cover. Pretty authentic, huh?
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