By the early 1990s, most of the UK's traditional letterpress comics had gone, leaving only 2000AD, which switched to litho printing around the same time. Starting around 1989, 2000AD began to increase its full colour content. At first, just the Judge Dredd strip was in full, painted colour. Then barbarian hero Slaine onjoyed a twenty wek run in colour, painted by Simon Bisley. Shortly after this three strips went to full colour. But the quality of the paper was poor, so the printed colour could look murky if the artist allowed too much dark colour into their work. This was caused by the dots of coloured ink soaking into the page and spreading: "dot gain".
Slaine :: 2000AD 852 (1993)

After seeing what Simon Bisley had done with fully-painted art on the Slaine strip. original Slaine artist Glenn Fabry was inspired to turn in some of his best work in Slaine: Demon Killer ...
  Bradley :: 2000AD 795 (1992)

Another artist who was able to turn his hand to painting with extremely pleasing effect was Simon Harrison, whose clean watercolour-inspired style brought a beautiful storybook atmosphere to the grotesque collection of Bradley's Bedtime Stories.
  Clown :: 2000AD 774 (1992)

However, not all painted artwork in 2000AD looked terrific. Robert Bliss' work on The Clown suffered because of a lack of contrast, insufficiently clean brushes, poor printing technique ... or a combination of the three.
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