DC's next bit of continuity first aid was on Superman. X-Men artist John Byrne came in to write and draw the core Superman titles, bringing the character more into line with version that had been portrayed in the movies. Over at Marvel, there was a quite revolution with the influx of young artists who would go on to hold great sway over the industry, beginning with the incredibly talented Todd McFarlane on Amazing Spider-Man. And on Marvel's X-Men comic, now re-titled The Uncanny X-Men, another new artist, Jim Lee, was laying the first foundations of his own incredible success
Superman 1 (1986)

The Superman comics written and drawn by Byrne would change how the character was handled for years to come. The idea was the storyline would come to run through the different Superman titles, so that the plot progressed through weekly installments of four monthly comics.
  Am. Spider-Man 298 (1988)

McFarlane, along with his colleagues Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, Jim Valentino and Rob Liefield, would go on to form Image Comics and seriously threaten the dominance of Marvel and DC during the 1990s
  Uncanny X-Men 248 (1989)

With the sales boost the X-Men franchise received from the art of such talents as Jim Lee, the line expanded with the addition of several other X-Men titles to the line, until the characters dominated the sales charts.
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