Meanwhile, back at DC Comics, all was not quiet. The flagging Green Lantern character was struggling to make sales, so with one eye on what Marvel was doing, DC Editor Julius Schwartz gave the go-ahead for a revamp. Marvel's Conan may have struggled at first, but it eventually became a best seller. Thomas went on to introduce a batch of showcase titles where he could try out new ideas like The Defenders and Master of Kung Fu. Master of Kung Fu proved a big success and went on to take over the parent comic and long outlast the early 1970s kung fu craze it was originally cashing in on. Even though there wan't much kung fu going on in the comic.
Green Lantern 76 (1970)

Writer Denny O'Neill and artist Neal Adams were aware that the Green Lantern character was looking a little tired and need a new infusion of creativity to capture the readers' interest. Their radical approach had a major influence on the way comics stories were told.
  Marvel Feature 1 (1971)

I suspect Thomas dreamt up The Defenders because he liked the idea of the unstability the Hulk had brought to those early issues of The Avengers. Great cover art by another blossoming talent, Neal Adams.
  Special Marvel Edition15(1973)

One of the reasons Steve Parkhouse and I created The Boxer, was as an answer to the long run of Master of Kung Fu. We both felt that the book mercilessly mixed Japanese and Chinese traditions and was written by people who had no real understanding of the subject matter.
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