By 1968, Marvel came to the end of a distribution agreement with DC's distributors. This meant that Marvel was free to expand its line from a mere fifteen titles. The company could also stop hiding its superhero characters. It had been felt by the distributors that Marvel's characters competed with DC's, so Marvel had to keep most of their heroes in titles like Tales to Astonish and Strange Tales. The lifting of this rule resulted in a wave of new comics. So Captain America and Iron Man (stars of Tales of Suspense), Hulk and Sub-Mariner (stars of Tales to Astonish, Dr Strange and Nick Fury (stars of Strange Tales) all got their own stand-alone comics.
Captain America 100 (1968)

When Captain America got his own comic, the numbering was continued from Tales of Suspense, thus the first issue was numbered "100". This did help avoid confusion between this series and the original Captain America Comics series of the 1940s.
  Doctor Stranger 169 (1968)

Dr Strange's first issue similarly carried on the numbering from the parent comic Strange Tales. Interestingly, it wasn't flagged as a first issue on the cover as was the case with Captain America.
  Sub-Mariner 1 (1968)

Originally revived in issue 4 of The Fantastic Four, Prince Namor, The Sub-Mariner finally gained his own title, over twenty years after his original run of comics ended.
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