With the success of Action, DC looks for another costumed character and found Batman, which they put in the 27th issue of Detective Comics (1938). This opened the floodgate for "superheroes" and soon there were hundreds. Marvel were a small publisher of pulp magazines, but put a toe in the water with Marvel Comics 1 (1939). This reprinted a character called Sub-Mariner and debuted a new one called The Human Torch Meanwhile, DC were churning them out. Flash Comics (1940) introduced The Flash and Hawkman, both of which would be pivotal members of the Justice Society over in All-Star Comics.
Detective Comics 27 (1939)

The comic that introduced Superman's stablemate and sometime fighting partner Batman, Detective Comics 27.

  Marvel Comics 1 (1939)

Marvel Comics 1 marked Marvel's first foray into comics and introduced the immensely popular Human Torch, who would later be re-worked and added to the 1961 lineup of The Fantastic Four, and the Sub-Mariner
  Flash Comics 1 (1940)

Flash Comics 1 expanded DC's burgeoning superhero lineup, introducing The Flash and Hawkman.
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