"Inking? Isn't that just tracing?" OK, it was funny in Chasing Amy, but not here. Inking is most definitely not tracing. The inker is the person most responsible for making stuff like Textures work. Just as an top flight inker can make so-so pencils look great, so a so-what inker can ruin the best pencil job in the world. Comics really is a collaborative art. That's something we'll just have to get used to. There's some argument about whether pencillers should ink their own work. I say that's fine if you're Bernie Wrightson or Steve Ditko, not so good if you're Jack Kirby or Neal Adams - but that's just my opinion ...

GL / GA 80 (1970)

Though Dick Giordano is most associated with DC Comics' Green Lantern/Green Arrow series, this especially fine example of inking is by Dan Adkins.


GL / GA 86 (1970)

Here Adams is inked by his long-time collaborator, Dick Giordano, on a page from the acclaimed 1960s series, Green Lantern/GreenArrow


Swamp Thing 3 (1971)

Bernie Wrightson is best known for his horror tales in the vein of Graham "Ghastly" Ingles of EC Comics. Like Ghastly, Wrightson brings fine line inking to his own pencil work

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