Stories are about characters and don't let anyone tell you different. Without distinctive characters you don't have a distinctive story, and without a distinctive story you aren't going to sell copy one. Are we clear? Mort Weisinger once said, "Nothing can hurt Superman. Not bullets, not bombs, not nothing. Why, even bad scripts can't hurt Superman." But look behind the bluster and there's a Great Truth lurking. Comic books live or die on the strength of their characters. Come up with an iconic character like Superman and maybe you'll be rich. You'll certainly be famous, and that is just about as good ...

Our Army at War 95 (1960)

Joe Kubert created an iconic figure in Sgt Rock. But look at the supporting characters. Each one different. Each one distinctive. Distinctive characters at least keep the reader from getting confused.


Journey into Mystery 114 ('65)

Journey into Mystery 114

Crusher Creel - the Absorbing Man - was one of Thor's most popular foes, a result of Jack Kirby's skill at character design. Everything about the character says, "thug"!


Amazing Spider-Man 27 (1965)

Amazing Spider-Man 27

Although Barney Bushkin appeared just once in a small cameo role, he remains one of the best remembered of the Spider-Man cast of supporting characters, due to great design by Steve Ditko.

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