The DC covers of the Silver Age were always beautifully drawn and just a bit silly. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the Superman family comics edited by the legendary Mort Weisinger. Weisinger was well known for coming up with outrageous cover ideas then asking his hapless writers to come up with a story that fit the cover idea. Sometimes the cover ideas were so preposterous that the writers had to "cheat". The other problem lay in the indestructible nature of Superman himself. With a hero that was never in any danger, the editors had to come up with situations that contained some other kind of threat.
Adventure 283 (1960)

Classic Weisinger-inspired cover. Lots of explanation in two lengthy balloons and careful you don't miss the kryptonian super-weapons in the foreground. Charmingly awful.
  Adventure 314 (1964)

Here's another dull, "blah-blah" cover from the House of Weisinger No drama, no conflict. Without the balloons it would mean nothing.
  Superman 174 (1964)

This is a bit better, but relies on the potential customer's knowledge that Clark Kent is Superman, not such common knowledge in 1964.
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